The evolution of a top-ten list

The story so far ...

Favorites change with time. The first top-ten list I ever composed, in 1989, included only five of the films that now appear on my current list. Two years later, a friend asked me for a list of my ten favorite films of all time, but this time I gave up after I had narrowed the list down to 16. Within a year, the list had grown to 21 (with 1952's Son of Paleface replacing 1941's Caught in the Draft as my favorite Bob Hope movie -- though I still like both!).

What will future lists look like? Only time will tell ...

year  title                            1989  1991  1992  1998
----  -------------------------------  ----  ----  ----  ----
1938  The Adventures of Robin Hood      yep         yep    #7
1940  Fantasia                          yep   yep   yep
1941  Caught in the Draft                     yep
1941  Citizen Kane                      yep   yep   yep
1952  Son of Paleface                               yep
1956  The Court Jester                  yep   yep   yep    #7
1962  Lawrence of Arabia                yep   yep   yep    #1
1966  The Family Way                          yep   yep    #3
1971  Fiddler on the Roof               yep   yep   yep
1974  The Godfather Part II                   yep   yep
1977  Star Wars                         yep   yep   yep
1979  Monty Python's Life of Brian                  yep    #8
1980  The Empire Strikes Back                              #5
1981  Raiders of the Lost Ark                       yep
1982  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan   yep   yep   yep
1983  Koyaanisqatsi                           yep   yep    #4
1984  The Terminator                                yep
1985  The Purple Rose of Cairo          yep   yep   yep    #2
1986  Stand By Me                             yep   yep
1987  The Untouchables                        yep   yep
1987  Robocop                                       yep
1988  The Thin Blue Line                yep   yep   yep    #9
1989  When Harry Met Sally...                 yep   yep    #6
1989  Jesus of Montreal                                   #10

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